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All of these listed below are individual form files listed by date.

This allows you to download the day's submissions into your personal
computer's database(Filemaker, Excel...) For sample purposes
only one listings is valid below. It is currently set to do email-type
saves, the csv files are readable but are mainly used for downloading.
Orders can be saved in monthly, daily, weekly, or individual format.
This sample uses daily.

You would also be able to delete old files after you download
them from this page.

The main link will show the file in html, the download
link will allow you to either save the file to your computer
or automatically go into your database program depending on
how you have your browser setup.

Apr-21-2000 | Download
Apr-12-2000 | Download
Apr-10-2000 | Download
Apr-09-2000 | Download
Mar-06-2000 | Download
Mar-03-2000 | Download

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