System Administration/Script Setup

  • Can't get your server functioning properly?
  • Maybe you can't get one of those freeware scripts working?

  • Most scripts can be written rather quickly (a couple of days)
  • Freeware scripts can be configured to meet your needs.

  • Any script can be made to work on any platform

  • All of the above scripts can be mixed and matched
    to meet your needs, these are just samples of how other
    people are using them.
  • Also available:
  • Server setup and config,
  • Software installs -
      (Perl, Sendmail, NCSA, Apache, Netscape secure server,
      IIS, MSQL, WINS, DNS, Oracle, Informix, MySQL, Gcc/cc,
      or maybe upgrade everything on your server to the latest version)
  • Server monitoring software -
      (checks for functionality, pages you if there is a prob)
  • Server stats: ( Web hits, ftp, mail)
  • New user creation scripts
  • Virtual Hosting setup
  • Secure Credit Card (Transaction processer install/config)