Super Chat 1.1

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Requires a browser that supports Java.

Current Pricing: $99 (Unlimited Connections)

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If you can't connect, most likely the chat server is
not currently running. If you would like to see it in
action, send an email and I will start it up for you.

If you need something like this for your site:
  • The look and feel of the chat is fully adjustable!
  • It has a net drawing board, for when words don't cut it.
  • Ability to create seperate groups for different topics.
  • Ability to send directly to an individual
  • You can also browse the web together with the transport function.
  • The doc browser allows you to cut/paste long bits of text for everyone to view
  • You can take the chat out of the web page(attach/detach)

  • Contact me for further details