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Send a project description today! - Converted Windows version of program to the web, Mysql/PHP - I did the Mailing list software for the site - Created the Job Listings search engine - Uses my Super Site Searcher package - Uses my Super Cart package with SQL module - Uses my classifieds and auctions package - Created the Elder & Child Care search engine - Scripts to do phone/address searches from the web - Did their primary intranet, with cookies/adjustable news - Wrote the Search Engine with Crawler for the site - Did the online chat for them - Did their Search Engine with Crawler - They use my Super Stats product for web stats - Adjusted some of the complicated parts of their site - Uses my shopping cart package - Uses my shopping cart package - Uses shopping cart, with advanced search - Uses shopping cart package - Uses my seach engine with Yahoo module - Uses shopping cart with pwd protected directories for selling downloadable software and subscriptions to dirs - Did a project to grab driving directions from another xml site and cache it in the local database. - Paid file download package

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Warner Lambert's Intranet

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(located in the Netherlands)

Also, check out the American version

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Jet Set On The Net
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Clonlara School

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Hong Kong University

Java Application (Demo)

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