Super Site Searcher Admin Area:

Search Admin

The Search Admin area lets you sift through the
days submitted urls. You can either add or remove
them from the day's run of the URL grabber.

Bulk Adder/Deleter

The Bulk Adder/Deleter allows you to add or delete
whole bunch of urls at once, one per line.

The Sql Editor

Allows you to send sql statements to the database.
Banned Words Updater
Banned Urls Updater
Ignored Words Updater

Allows you to update the various word lists available

Banner Ads Module:
View/Delete current banners
Add new banner/keyword

Search Keywords Module:
View/Delete current urls
Add new url/keyword

Yahoo Module:

Log On / Log Off as admin for category updating

  • Info on the last run of the url adder
  • Errors from the last url adder run
  • External Urls found by the spider
  • New urls file, urls that will be added in the next run
  • Del urls file, urls that will be deleted in the next run

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