Super Forms 2.2

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Do you need a real forms processing package that is
easy to use and can handle all of your needs?

The Super Forms script will enable you to process any
forms you might want on your site. Almost all configuration
can be done in the html for each individual form that you have.
It comes setup on your site with a working sample form for you
to use as an example for setting up your own forms.

  • Platform Independent (It will run on your web server: NT, 95, Unix...)
  • Can handle any form you can make or forms you currently have, super fast!
  • Setup is done by us, no CGI knowledge required
  • Supports an unlimited number of forms
  • Will be completely setup within a day or two of your payment.
  • Unlimited Email Techinal Support
  • Allows you to set required fields while creating the form
  • Form data can be easily imported into any database
  • Easily adjustable template files for the emails
  • Form data can be emailed to the customer as well via a completely adjustable template file
  • Order can be emailed to you as well as others in your company
  • Can handle file upload (Save on server and/or attach to the form email)
  • Supports PGP encryption for secure mailing of information
  • All form info can be saved to your secure server and
    retrieved via a password protected admin area. This allows you to
    securely accept credit card numbers or other data you don't wish
    others to see.
  • Secure files can either be daily/monthly database files or
    individual forms(one form per file)

Your Plug and Play Solution to Forms:
For only
$149 (USD), so you can have it setup on your server right away!
Online Ordering - Click on the price to add the item to your shopping cart, free setup on your server included!

Single Site UsageISP Multi-Site License
Super Forms!$149 (USD)$899 (USD)