The Super Mailer

Do you need to email with multiple clients a lot?

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own family mailing list?

How about a discussion group of your own?

Well, the Independent Solution is here for you!
Think of it, all you need is an email address and a dream :)

Here is an example of what you might want:

'jane' will be your userid, and then the mailing list
will be 'companyname'. would go to:,,,

In addition to sending the email out to all of these people,
it will also record the messages on our servers for future
reference via a searchable interface. Here is a sample
for you to view.

With the password protected admin interface, you can:

  • Add and delete mailing lists
  • Add and delete users from your lists
  • Ability to create moderated lists -

  • (i.e. all of the messages have to be approved by you)
  • Ability to disallow users from subscribing to your email list
  • Nice easy to use CGI interface
  • Accessible from any web browser

  • Pricing and Descriptions:

    Single Site Usage
    (5 lists)
    ISP Site License
    (100 lists)
    Super Mailer 2.3 Access$60/mnth (USD)$500/mnth (USD)

    Are you ready to signup?
    Or Not what you are looking for?
    Let us know what you want!

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