Super Web-mail 3.24


There are solutions for you and you users!

With Super Pop, you can read all of your email through a password protected portion of a web site. All you need is a net connection and a web browser.

Need SPAM filtering, this contains very powerful user adjustable filters. You can get rid of the mail you dont want, move certain mail to certain folders, no problem!

An event calender is available for seeing what the next week looks like.

All info is stored in a nice mysql database for super speed. The software is written in PHP 4, so you can utilize server side caching and what not. Your site will be unstoppable!

Searchable contacts list, find who you need to find. Have your friends info readily available, when you need it.

In order to encourage your users to switch right away, it supports external pop accounts. Your users can just add their pop servers/passwords and they can get their email on your site.

Single Site UsageISP Multi-Site License
Super WebMail$199 (USD)$999 (USD)
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