Super Stat 1.3

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Need good quality hit statistics on your web sites?

Would you like to know?

  • The path your users take through your site?
  • Where they came from, like the search engines(along with the queries)
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Stat reports
  • Their Browser, Computer Type, Operating System, and Domain Name
  • Your site's disk usage for each day
  • The remote links the user clicked on to leave your site.
  • Does your current statistics come to you via the web?

  • All reports are in a nice html format, with toolbars for navigation
  • A password protected area of your site to view the latest stat reports
  • If you have limited space on your server, you can delete old reports anytime you want

  • Have limited resources to process statistics?

  • Reports are generated daily so it takes little cpu time and memory

  • Don't know how or don't want to setup crazy stat scripts?

  • The initial installation is done by us so you don't have to worry about getting it working on your server

  • Super Stat doesn't do what you need?

  • Let me know what you need, any addition to the current script is possible

  • Online Ordering - Click on the price to add the item to your shopping cart.

    Single Site Usage
    (One Domain)
    ISP Site License
    (Unlimited Domains)
    Simple Stat 1.0$49 (USD)$399 (USD)
    Super Stat 1.3$149 (USD)$1299 (USD)

    These scripts were produced for previous clients and may
    not be exactly what you need. The script can be adjusted to
    your needs, or maybe we will just start fresh.

    Send a project description today!

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